Training and Development in Pune

Training and Development in Pune

We are pleased to propose a professional and cost-effective human solution that will fulfill market requirements. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service, and the highest level of confidentiality.

We are established in the field of Human Resource Management, HRM, Training, Grooming and Recruitment from the last TEN Years. During this period we have successfully catered requirement of various Companies in India and Overseas countries to their entire satisfaction. We are based in Pune (India) and are having our Network of Associates spread throughout: Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. & Major Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Goa, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Indore, Bhopal, Raipur, Patna, Lucknow, Kanyakumari and India's Metro cities etc.

We adopt methodologies that are highly interactive. The method of Presentation is Participative and Skill-oriented. In addition to Lectures there are Exercises, Games and Group-work.

Resume building :
Resume writing is important for making the transition from school to the workforce. Once you're in the workforce, your resume contains a summary of what you do for a living. Whether you're an executive assistant or the executive manager of a large corporation, you must be able to explain what you do. The ability to explain your responsibilities and the purpose of your duties is what enables you to move from one position to another. A well-written resume is proof that you understand how your tasks and responsibilities fit into the overall goals of the organization for which you work.

Communication skills -
Communication is the heart of every organization. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Therefore good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are essential if tasks are going to be completed and goals achieved. As you develop your career you will find various reasons why successful communication skills are important to you, for example:
To secure an interview
You will need good communication skills to make sure your application letter is read and acted upon.
To get the job
You will need to communicate well during your interview if you are to sell yourself and get the job you want.
To do your job well
You will need to request information, discuss problems, give instructions, work in teams, interact with colleagues and clients. If you are to achieve co-operation and effective teamwork, good human relations skills are essential. Also, as the workplace is also becoming more global, there are many factors to consider if you are to communicate well in such a diverse environment.
To advance in your career.
Employers want staff who can think for themselves, use initiative and solve problems, staff who are interested in the long-term success of the company. If you are to be seen as a valued member of the organization, it is important not just to be able to do your job well, but also to communicate your thoughts on how the processes and products or services can be improved.

Personality Development
In the office, it is quite common to experience complications, from something as simple as defeating traffic to traumatic ones such as conference venture work deadlines, as well as keeping excellent connections with your managers and co-workers. Though majority of us have the psychological opportunity to cope with obligations given on us, we absence a advanced degree of psychological intellect which is regarded just as essential to get the job done.

As you might be well-aware of, psychological intellect and character go together. This is why character growth keeps a very important part in a person’s ability to obtain success in whatever profession he selects to take. If you can be disappointed, without the chance to cope with stress as a result of work-related activities, then it will be easy for you to give up during hardships.

Since character also requires knowing how to associate with others, knowing how to connect successfully, and even how to wear properly, it is important in assisting us go up the echelon of success.

  • GD&PI
  • The importance of group discussion is told to every final year student as this is one of the most important criteria in an interviewing process. In order to understand why group discussion plays such a huge role in the selection process, it is essential for you to understand it from the perspective of an interviewer and also, how it is useful for you as a candidate, so as to enable you to improve your skills in a GD round.
  • Interview is changing how people prepare and practice for interviews for their career progression. PInterview with its unique online platform provides Online Mock Interviews for practicing and enhancing Interview skills to Students and Professionals through live online video/telephonic sessions to prepare for the Real Interviews
  • Aptitude test
  • Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates' suitability for a role. The most commonly used set of cognitive tests includes – abstract/conceptual reasoning,verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.
  • General, ormultiple, aptitude tests are similar to intelligence tests in that they measure a broad spectrum of abilities (e.g.,verbal comprehension, general reasoning, numerical operations,perceptual speed, or mechanical knowledge).

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